Friday, 11 December 2009

Parkour:; is a great parkour and free running website, created by Dave Robson and Will Guald. It has an excellent community forum, for not only parkour in the north-east of England, but world-wide. NEPK is a community of traceurs from all over north-east England, they hold regular weekly jams, they also hold occasional jams (chritsmas jam, mega-jam etc.) The NEPK website has some good information, about parkour, links to related websites, parkour media. NEPK has worked with many people/organisations. A few of which are listed below. If you are interested in parkour or free-running, give this website a little look? If you are just curious as too what parkour or free-running is, visit the website. Or, if you're in or around Edinburgh, check out, a website created by a group of Edinburgh-based traceurs, this also has information on pakrour / free-running. As well as training tips/techniques, and an active community forum.

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