Friday, 4 December 2009

Foo Fighters: Greatest Hits.

It's HERE!!!

What is I hear you ask...? The pizza I ordered a half hour ago.

Oh.. And you may not have known.. But the new Foo Fighters album has been released. After listening to it 10 times a day, I can safely say this is the greatest collaboration of music, EVER! It is the only Greatest Hits album I have ever listened to which includes songs which the title suggests. It includes two new, previously unreleased tracks..



Word Forward


Both of which are absolutely BRILLIANT, as well as a previously unreleased ACOUSTIC version of 'Everlong'...

Here's the full track list...

  1. All My Life

  2. Best Of You

  3. Everlong

  4. The Pretender

  5. My Hero

  6. Learn to Fly

  7. Times Like These

  8. Monkey Wrench

  9. Big Me

  10. Breakout

  11. Long Road To Ruin

  12. This Is A Call

  13. Skin And Bones

  14. Wheels

  15. Word Forward

  16. Everlong [Acoustic]

If you have Spotify, LISTEN TO IT, NOW!
If you can use YouTube, LISTEN TO IT, NOW!
If you have access the Album, LISTEN TO IT, NOW!
If you have not bought the Album, BUY IT, NOW!


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