Saturday, 19 December 2009

James Cameron's Avatar

Avatar is one of the best films I've ever seen!

Avatar the film (in my opinion) is one of the best films of 2009. honestly, i got shivers up my spine while watching it...


You really shouldn't watch this film on your computer until you've seen it at the cinema (EVEN BETTER ON 3-D!) or it will completely ruin the greatness of the film.

The graphics in this film are one of the best i've EVER seen. It really does make other great movie's graphics seem like a pile of my gran's ashes.... (Thats not a good thing!)

Also, i cant believe it cost 300 million just to make this film! i'm pretty sure that Avatar is now the most expensive movie of all time AND i think Avatar is the biggest 3-D live-action film ever.

Thank you James Cameron and all the great actors such as Sam Worthington - Jake Sully, Zoe Saldana - Neytiri, Sigourney Weaver - Dr. Grace Augustine and Stephen Lang - Colonel Miles Quaritch for the F***ING AWESOME FILM!

Friday, 11 December 2009

Parkour:; is a great parkour and free running website, created by Dave Robson and Will Guald. It has an excellent community forum, for not only parkour in the north-east of England, but world-wide. NEPK is a community of traceurs from all over north-east England, they hold regular weekly jams, they also hold occasional jams (chritsmas jam, mega-jam etc.) The NEPK website has some good information, about parkour, links to related websites, parkour media. NEPK has worked with many people/organisations. A few of which are listed below. If you are interested in parkour or free-running, give this website a little look? If you are just curious as too what parkour or free-running is, visit the website. Or, if you're in or around Edinburgh, check out, a website created by a group of Edinburgh-based traceurs, this also has information on pakrour / free-running. As well as training tips/techniques, and an active community forum.

Friday, 4 December 2009

Foo Fighters: Greatest Hits.

It's HERE!!!

What is I hear you ask...? The pizza I ordered a half hour ago.

Oh.. And you may not have known.. But the new Foo Fighters album has been released. After listening to it 10 times a day, I can safely say this is the greatest collaboration of music, EVER! It is the only Greatest Hits album I have ever listened to which includes songs which the title suggests. It includes two new, previously unreleased tracks..



Word Forward


Both of which are absolutely BRILLIANT, as well as a previously unreleased ACOUSTIC version of 'Everlong'...

Here's the full track list...

  1. All My Life

  2. Best Of You

  3. Everlong

  4. The Pretender

  5. My Hero

  6. Learn to Fly

  7. Times Like These

  8. Monkey Wrench

  9. Big Me

  10. Breakout

  11. Long Road To Ruin

  12. This Is A Call

  13. Skin And Bones

  14. Wheels

  15. Word Forward

  16. Everlong [Acoustic]

If you have Spotify, LISTEN TO IT, NOW!
If you can use YouTube, LISTEN TO IT, NOW!
If you have access the Album, LISTEN TO IT, NOW!
If you have not bought the Album, BUY IT, NOW!


Saturday, 21 November 2009

CallofDuty:ModernWarfare 2


CallOfDuty: ModernWaefare 2, most anticipated game ever. Possibly (personally I think so) game of the year 2009.

Gameplay, fxking AMAZING. I mean c'mon. you get to shoot guns and stuff. LOL. Sno' mobile, automatic pistol = wow.


WTF? RiotShields, c'mon.. You don't see mario weilding a riot shield in his defence against that overgrown turtle douche. Do you? No. Didn't think so. Look......


As for spec ops. wow. every game needs it's own version of spec ops. it just adds 5 EXTRA stars to the already 5 star campaign and story :D!

Offline Multiplayer working in the same way as the Online Multiplayer? GENIOUS, why had this not been done in previous CoDs? I know why... Well, actually I don't. MULTIPLAYER IS EPIC.

I <333333 MW2, for life.

Friday, 5 June 2009


Youtubehome is a website where you can share, upload and watch hundreds and hundreds of videos. You can be unregisterd to watch youtube videos but when you are registerd you can comment, upload and make your own page on youtube. on youtube there is videos about almost everything from games to TV programs and music. For example there is a few Youtube videos on my channel with World of Warcraft and Scrubs.

if you are registerd you can make your own page with your own videos in order and a description of types of videos you produce, Talk about yourself and get hundreds of veiws and ratings depending on your videos!




Already ranked the top social networking site in the U.K., Ireland, and New Zealand, Bebo.Com is next in line behind MySpace and Facebook in the U.S. as the place for teens and young adults to showcase their life in multimedia, keep in touch with and meet friends, or just hang out. The endless options for personal home page content are dizzying: Photos, organized by event or subject; YouTube videos; widgets, including a timed countdown to events; music; polls, like a celebrity look-alike photo game with the user as the real star; blogs and messages that others can also comment on; photos of friends with links of their own sites; a whiteboard that anyone can draw or write on (and the site "owner" can erase); and more...


Good News:'s user rules and Internet safety guidelines, posted on the networking site's main page, are some of the most practical and thorough among social networking sites. Bad News: Not a shocker, but not all users follow those safety tips and some explicit sites find ways to get their links onto some pages. Some of the content posted by users includes the standard teen social networking bugaboos like the latest camera phone shots of partying teens downing beers in the rented limo. That said, site creators have established safety tools, like a "Report Abuse" click available on each member's profile. And they've established sound rules and guides, like remembering that your online "friends" are not really friends to be trusted. Probably the best safety feature of all? The Bebo.Com option to only allow access to your home page to real-life friends and family.

Friday, 1 May 2009

Funny Demotivational Posters

These are some Funny pictures i found on the internet